Tahitian Aromatic Water

On-the-Go Product 100ml

Face and body care

Tonifying and refreshing lotion


Its formulation includes over 98% ingredients of natural origin . The Tahitian Water by Christian Lénart concentrates the benefits of the Tahitian Tiaré Flower to truly take care of the skin.

The lotion contains Tahitian Tiare Flower extracts obtained through a unique water vapor distillation process which garantees that all the plant properties remain intact.

Its exotic fragrance exhales the sweet and sunny notes of the Tiare flower.

Paraben-free, phenoxyethanol-free
Dermatologically tested.
100 ml
Made in France

Directions for use:

The lotion cleanses softly, tones up and refreshes normal to combination skins.

Apply in the morning and evening routine on the entire face and/or body using a soaked cotton pad.

Normal to Combination skins