Floral Water

une eau floraleFloral waters are lotions concentrated in natural active principles recommended for skin care.

They are obtained through water vapor distillation: the aromatic plants are inserted into a distilled water container, the whole content of which is then heated. Under the effect of heat, the aromatic components of the plants – i.e. the active principles – are carried away with the water vapor, condensed and collected in a sedimentation tank. The distillate obtained is composed of essential oil and distillation water in which part of the essential oil is solubilized: i.e. the floral water.

A scented water is a mixture of plant essential oil obtained through water vapor distillation with distilled water.

Beyond their natural cleansing properties, floral waters and scented waters provide the specific benefits of each plant.

Christian Lénart launched his first floral waters in the 40s. Today, the Christian Lénart brand includes a range of 7 floral waters formulated with over 98% natural origin ingredients: rose water, cornflower water, hamamelis water, orange blossom water, tiare water, jasmine water and rosemary water.

The little blue bottle, a replica of the traditional French pharmacy blue ether bottle, is a design registered by the Christian Lénart brand. It protects floral waters from external alterations (light, UVs …) and has signed the visual identity of the brand for over 50 years.