Eau de Cologne

eau de cologne

Fresh and authentic «eaux » for a delicately perfumed skin.

Eau de Cologne is a category of perfumes containing 4 to 6% essences. Not so concentrated as an Eau de Toilette but more than an Eau Fraîche, Eau de Cologne owns the specificity of being a sober fragrance that is easily worn on an everyday basis. This invigorating “eau” appeals to men as well as women to whom it provides a marvelous well-being feeling.

Eau de Cologne, a sacred history…

The legendary history of Eau de Cologne dates back to the XIVth century. The queen of Hungary, disabled and suffering from gout, is said to have received from a monk or an angel the recipe of a miraculous water. She enjoyed its benefits, recovering youth and health. Being made in monasteries to start with, the miraculous waters later on diversified and became an indispensable everyday toiletry. They were called “Aqua Regina” at the time and were used for cleansing, beautifying and delicately perfuming the body, in addition to enjoying the therapeutic virtues they were granted with. Thanks to its great renown, the formula of Aqua Regina was widely coveted and eventually discovered by Gian Paolo Feminis, an Italian sales representative who lost no time in fabricating it, renaming it “Aqua Mirabilis”, i.e. “admirable water”. On the eve of his death, he transmitted the secrets of “Aqua Mirabilis” to his nephew Gian Maria Farina who eventually marketed it in his turn in Germany under the name of “Eau de Cologne”. At the end of the XVIIIth century, King Louis XVth’s soldiers discovered it and lost no time in taking it from Cologne to France with them.

This is how France became and has durably remained attached to the admirable Eau de Cologne. During the same period of time, Eau de Cologne carried on its steady rise across the German lands.

Today, Eaux de Cologne range themselves with the present and future

Eau de Cologne is a preparation based on spirit and essences and represents an invaluable treasure. Although the secrets of its original fabrication still remain inaccessible, the 650 years that separate Eau de Cologne from its birth have not been long enough to let it sink into oblivion. On the contrary, perfumers have been keeping it alive and lively, suggesting newer and newer fragrances so that everyone can find their favorite.

How to use Eaux de Cologne?

Just after a shower, in the morning or evening, rub yourself down with these invigorating and delicately fragranced waters. There’s nothing like eau de cologne to get rid of tiredness and get a marvelous well-being feeling.

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