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Bouteille Christian Lénart de 1960

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Natural products made from plants, flowers and fruits

Christian Lénart is a French herbalist passionated  about the benefits of plants, flowers and fruits on health, beauty and well-being. He launched his first Floral waters in 1960.

Naturally rich in active ingredients, Floral waters are natural lotions for the face and body, prescribed for the treatment of daily skin problems.  The Floral waters are packaged in blue glass bottles that protect the formula from light and preserve its effectiveness.

Today, the CHRISTIAN LENART HERBORISTE brand offers a wide range of natural cosmetic and well-being products based on plants, flowers and fruits.

The blue bottle, a guarantee of naturalness and quality, still perpetuates the heritage of French herbalism.

The origins

Christian Lénart is the son of a French pharmacist based in Paris in the early 1900s.

He was fascinated by the nature since his young days, attracted to scents, colors and aware to the emotions offered by plants through the seasons.

After graduating high school with experimental science as specialty, he goes to Paris and enrolls in the Faculty of Science. As a brilliant student, he specializes in botany and works as a researcher in the laboratory of plant biology at the Faculty of Paris.

Botany is the scientific study of plants, through the systemic, development and evolution of living organisms of plant origin.

Out of the faculty, Christian Lénart spends his time in his father’s back pharmacy to test methods of plant active ingredients extraction. The medical environment in which Christian Lénart evolves, encourages him to take the diploma of herbalist.

The profession of herbalist consists in the preparation and commercialization of medicinal plants or derived preparations: lotions, ointments, decoctions…

Very quickly, he concentrated his research in cosmetology, the science related to cosmetic products, as he was convinced by the plants benefits on the health and skin.

The first Floral waters

Christian Lénart develops his first cosmetic products in his father’s pharmacy. First, he selects the plants and flowers for their story, their visual appeal, their perfume and the richness of their composition. Then he looks for the best technique to extract the active ingredients.

Christian Lénart focuses his first research on the rose, the queen of flowers. Symbol of love and passion, the rose is coveted by the greatest perfumers for its sensual and feminine fragrance. It has many cosmetic properties, including anti-aging and soothing properties. Steam distillation is used to extract the active ingredients from the rose. Simple and natural, this technique preserves the flower’s cosmetic qualities.

The tests carried out with the pharmacy’s customers are promising: Christian Lénart’s rose water is fresh, effective and smells divinely good. The lotion is packaged in a blue tinted glass ether bottle to protect the active ingredients from alterations caused by light. 

Bouteille Eau aromatisée de Rose Christian Lénart

The ongoing success of Christian Lénart

Launched in 1960, under the eponymous brand CHRISTIAN LENART, rose water is a real success with Parisian customers, a success that quickly spreads to the French provinces.

New floral waters were launched, first Cornflower, then Witch hazel, Rosemary… The blue bottle then became a trademark and a guarantee of quality.

Nowadays the French brand CHRISTIAN LENART is well-known on the floral water market and natural cosmetic products made of plants, flowers and fruits. Different galenics are used: lotions, creams and balms. The research and formulation studies are motivated by three values carried by the brand for more than 60 years: The naturality, the accessibility and the perennity.

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