Do It Yourself

Create and customize your home-made cosmetics!

LENART HERBORISTE supports you in the creation and customization of home-made cosmetics products care through its Do It Yourself (DIY) concept, quick and easy!

Discover the neutral bases to be used alone or to be customized, the essential oils concentrates and the efficiency boosters, all Organic certified by Ecocert to create your customized care at home and adapted to your desires and your needs. 


I choose a neutral base

To be used alone or to customize


I add an essential oils concentrate

Brings care and scent


I add an efficiency booster


I mix following the recipe

To use alone or to customize

To use alone or to customize

To use alone or to customize

DIY neutral base to customize

Radiant and toned skin

Purified and revitalized skin

Soothed and relaxed skin

Luminous and toned skin

Small pimples, blackheads and comedones

Hydrated and plumped skin

Accessories for your DIY recipes

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