Create and customize your own cosmetics thanks to the Do It Yourself!

Whether it is cooking, handiwork, decoration, or fashion, more and more of us have started a homemade project! The Do It Yourself has recently become a part of our daily life.

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, customizing or making a project by yourself became a hobby or even a passion. Looking for a better way to consume, the DIY trend is blowing up, especially since the health crisis and the various lockdowns.

The cosmetics are no exception! In search for personalized, natural, and efficient products, consumers want to be in control of what they consume or what they apply on their skin and hair.

So, why make your own cosmetics at home?

DIY: many advantages!

In cosmetic, the DIY purpose is to create natural care products adapted to our desires and skin needs while being safe in terms of composition and pleasant to use.

The homemade trend benefits from many advantages. By creating and customizing your homemade cosmetics:

  • – You create and customize your cosmetic cares according on your skin type, your needs, and your desires.
  • – You own and use a tailor-made care product, that looks like you and that meets your expectations.
  • – You adopt an economical approach. Indeed, by personalizing your cares, you reduce waste. The various neutral bases are multi-purpose, customizable and adaptable to the whole family.
  • – You adopt an ecological approach because you measure ingredients depending on the quantity you want to create; you use and reuse empty containers and adapt the recipes according to what you have at your disposal.
  • – You perfectly know the composition of your care products thanks to a short ingredient list. For more security, be vigilant with the bases or raw materials you use and prioritize the certified Organic product and neutral bases.
  • – Finally, you will be proud to have realized your own cosmetic product!


Start your DIY cosmetics with LENART HERBORISTE

LENART HERBORISTE offers a global concept dedicated to the DIY cosmetic, so that the home-made is accessible to everyone, in a quick, simple and secure way.

By offering you a complete range of neutral bases, essentials oils, cosmetic actives as well as an accessory kit, LENART HERBORISTE guides you in this adventure with recipes and advice to create your cosmetic safely.

The neutral bases can be used alone or as a DIY base to create homemade creams, washing gels, oils, and perfumed water by adding a few drops of essential oil concentrate and/or efficiency booster.

The DIY experience allows you to spend a fun and relaxed time. However, to fully benefit from the experience, some precautions must be respected:

  • – Be sure to wash your hands and have a clean equipment and workspace.
  • – Be sure to follow the recipes and dosages indicated.
  • – Do not hesitate to test the product on your arm or elbow before use on your face of sensitive parts of your body.
  • – Label and note the production date of your cares and store your products in a closed container away from light and heat.

To assure your safety and your well-being, all the LENART HERBORISTE recipes have been tested and approved by a competent independent laboratory.

Find all the good manufacturing practices here and in the “DIY Recipes and Tips” leaflet available in the accessory kit.

Find all the DIY range and the tested and approved recipes here!

DIY good manufacturing practices

Create and customize your cosmetics thanks to the LENART HERBORIST DIY concept!

The creation and customization of DIY cosmetics allows you to live a creative experience and to spend a real moment of relaxation, nevertheless, some precautions must be respected in order to make the most of your experience.

Find all the good manufacturing practices below as well as in the DIY Recipes and Tips booklet available in the Accessory kit.


– For your safety and well-being, all LENART HERBORISTE recipes have been tested and approved by a competent external laboratory.
– The indicated recipes are only suitable for adults.
– As the concentrates are composed of essential oils, application to pregnant or breastfeeding woman is not recommended.

Good manufacturing practices:

Have the right hygiene and safety reflexes for a successful DIY experience!

Before starting:

  • – Wash your hands and be sure to have a clean workspace, you can also wear gloves if you wish.
  • – Clean your equipment thoroughly before and after use with hot water or alcohol.

During the creation:

  • – Be sure to follow the recipes and dosages indicated. The volume of a pipette of concentrate or booster is equal to 1 ml.
  • – Test the care on your arm or elbow. If an unpleasant reaction occurs, wash and do not use the product.
  • – Label with the name of your care product, the production date and the maximum use-by date.

After the creation:

  • – Store your care products in closed containers, away from light and heat.
  • – Keep it out of reach from children.
  • – Make sure to respect the maximum use-by date of 6 months.
  • – If your care changes in appearance over time, stop using it.
  • – Keep on hand the ingredient lists, the instructions for use, the batch numbers and the quantities used. Do not hesitate to note the list of ingredients on your label.
  • – Recipes with concentrates or boosters are suitable for adults only. 

Find all the DIY range and the tested and approved recipes here!

Aromatherapy: The daily essential oils benefits


Aromatherapy is the practice and use of essential oils. It allows to naturally promote the daily physical and moral well-being. The use of essential oils such as Lavender or Ravintsara is now a part of the daily life for many people in France.

What is an essential oil?

Obtained through a mechanical method, often by steam distillation, an essential oil is a liquid extract which concentrates the aromatic compounds of a plant. The aromatic compounds are the active principles of the plant that give the plant all its properties and its efficiency. These volatile molecules are odorous and powerful. They belong to specific chemical families with distinct properties.

Essential oils can be used in various ways:

  • – By ingestion as dietary supplement or aroma, as a cure or daily depending on the essential oils you are using and depending on the speed of action. In order to profit from essential oil benefits safely, it is necessary to select essential oils with “dietary supplement” or “aroma” status.

  • – By inhalation or atmospheric diffusion thanks to a woody or electric diffusor or on a fabric. You can also use essential oils in an indoor spray or in a pillow spray, to be diluted in a neutral base.

  • – On the skin and/or the hair, by diluting essential oils in your creams or in a neutral oil to benefit from their cosmetic and olfactive benefits.

Essentials oils can also be used as synergy:

An essential oil synergy is a blend of different essential oils specifically selected for their complementary properties. By combining different essential oils, a synergy has a stronger and more focused action than an essential oil used alone. Essential oil synergies can be used by atmospheric diffusion, as a food supplement or as aroma only if its statute allows to.

Aromatherapy is an effective science which can be very strong (or powerful) and risky. In all cases, it is important to read the advice for use, precautions for use and recommended quantities of each essential oil used.

In order to take advantage of the essential oil benefits in complete safety, we recommend you choose quality and certified essential oils.

How to choose essential oils?

It is very important to select quality essential oils. To guide you, there are certifications such as the Organic Ecocert label or the EOBBD which allow you to make your choice safely.

LENART HERBORISTE is committed to respect strict quality criteria to offer you a safe and unfazed use of essential oils.

  • – LENART HERBORISTE essential oils and synergies are 100% pure and natural, botanically and biochemically defined (EOBBD) and certified Organic by ECOCERT. LENART HERBORIST essential oils are classified as food supplement and aroma and certified Organic (AB) by ECOCERT.

  • – They are packaged and analyzed in France. Their composition is analyzed by chromatography for each production to ensure lasting efficacy.

  • – The essential oils are packaged in a blue bottle to protect them from light damage and preserve their effectiveness. The cap provides a child-safe closure.

  • – LENART HERBORISTE Aromatherapy is developed under a qualified aromatologist expertise to enable consumers to practice aromatherapy safely.

Strong from its aromatherapy expertise since more than 60 years, LENART HERBORISTE offers today a complete range of essential oils and synergies certified Organic by ECOCERT as well as essences and dedicated accessories to be found here!