DIY good manufacturing practices

Create and customize your cosmetics thanks to the LENART HERBORIST DIY concept!

The creation and customization of DIY cosmetics allows you to live a creative experience and to spend a real moment of relaxation, nevertheless, some precautions must be respected in order to make the most of your experience.

Find all the good manufacturing practices below as well as in the DIY Recipes and Tips booklet available in the Accessory kit.


– For your safety and well-being, all LENART HERBORISTE recipes have been tested and approved by a competent external laboratory.
– The indicated recipes are only suitable for adults.
– As the concentrates are composed of essential oils, application to pregnant or breastfeeding woman is not recommended.

Good manufacturing practices:

Have the right hygiene and safety reflexes for a successful DIY experience!

Before starting:

  • – Wash your hands and be sure to have a clean workspace, you can also wear gloves if you wish.
  • – Clean your equipment thoroughly before and after use with hot water or alcohol.

During the creation:

  • – Be sure to follow the recipes and dosages indicated. The volume of a pipette of concentrate or booster is equal to 1 ml.
  • – Test the care on your arm or elbow. If an unpleasant reaction occurs, wash and do not use the product.
  • – Label with the name of your care product, the production date and the maximum use-by date.

After the creation:

  • – Store your care products in closed containers, away from light and heat.
  • – Keep it out of reach from children.
  • – Make sure to respect the maximum use-by date of 6 months.
  • – If your care changes in appearance over time, stop using it.
  • – Keep on hand the ingredient lists, the instructions for use, the batch numbers and the quantities used. Do not hesitate to note the list of ingredients on your label.
  • – Recipes with concentrates or boosters are suitable for adults only. 

Find all the DIY range and the tested and approved recipes here!