Christian Lenart was a Parisian apothecary’s son and a bright biologist in the last century.
His passion for nature led him to become a herbal specialist, fully convinced of the beneficial powers of plants on human health. In 1960, this nature lover marketed his first Floral Water Tonics to truly care for and nurture the skin. The CHRISTIAN LENART brand was born. Over the years, Christian Lenart’s researchers have perpetuated the tradition in order to provide consumers with natural, efficient, and innovative cosmetics and well-being products.

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Floral Water

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Certified organic Floral Water



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christian lenart flowersChristian Lénart is a French herbalist who is passionate about keeping the skin in shape, using the benefits of plants, flowers, and fruits.
In 1960, he launched a range of Floral Water Tonics as skin and body health-giving lotions. Naturally rich in active ingredients, Floral Waters are prescribed for the everyday treatment of skin problems. They come in blue glass bottles so that the formula can be protected from light and its efficiency fully conserved.
Nowadays, the brand provides a wide range of natural cosmetic and well-being products made out of plants, flowers, and fruits. Blue-bottled products by Christian Lénart have become the guarantee of a genuine quality-proven trademark.


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